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Increase Sales

Increase Sales
After Purchase

Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment
Win Back

Mass Broadcast

Mass Broadcast To
Your Prospects

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      One Click Broadcasts

      Build up your email lists and send out an email broadcast to ALL emails or segments of your email list in under 60 seconds flat.

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      Seamless Cart Abandonment Series

      Want to win back the people that abandon your cart? You can now build out cart abandonment series BASED on PRODUCTS they abandon!

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      High ROI Post Sales Sequences

      After the sale you can EASILY increase your ROI by over 40% by sending out simple post sale sequences and with MailFunnels we give you the ability to cue up Post Sales Sequences based on products or general purchases.

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      Win Back’Campaigns

      Customers refund sometimes and that's part of being a business owner. With our win back campaign system in place any users who refund you can initialize a win back campaign IMMEDIATELY.

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      Segment Customers By Product

      Want to build our a list based on customers who took action on a certain product? Now you can! You can even send them broadcasts or automated messages.

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      Build One Massive List

      Everyone of your customers will end up on one massive list that you can send a massive broadcast to.

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      LTV Tracking

      Tracking customers for life is important and now with MailFunnels we will show you what EACH ONE of your customers are worth for the lifetime of their existence in your store.

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      Adaptive Customer Profiles

      Adaptive Customer ProfilesWant to track Jim and Sally and how much they’ve purchased JUST from emails? Now with MailFunnels you can see EXACTLY how much your customers have earned you just from your emails with our advanced analytical tracking.

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      Extremely User Friendly

      Navigate MailFunnels with ease and start building your mail campaigns in under 5 minutes from now.

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      We make sure you have EVERY single stat in regards to your emails AND CUSTOMERS when you are using MailFunnels. Rest assured we track EVERYTHING for you.

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      Drag and Drop Email Builder

      Seamlessly build email funnels with our drag and drop email builder that works on ANY browser available.

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      Comprehensive Click To Sale Tracking

      When a customer opens your emails you will be able to track from the open to the click all the way to the sale and see what emails are generating the highest amount of sales for you.

Let Us Walk You
Through MailFunnels


Skyrocket Your Stores Sales On Complete Autopilot In a matter of minutes you can automate the email sequence your prospects are placed into based on the actions they take inside of your Shopify store! MailFunnels was designed with ease of se in mind. With MailFunnels you can turn LEADS into sales!



Build Dynamic Email Sequences Instantly It has never been easier than it is now to build incredibly easy to follow email flows. Using MailFunnels you can visualize your funnels for your stores to understand EXACTLY what is happening. You'll have access to real time stats for each and every email so you can see where your sales are coming from the moment you send the emails. Using our Dynamic Funnel Builder, drag & drop your way to more sales without spending thousands on ads.



Data Is The Most Important Factor To You! When it comes down to knowing your numbers - MailFunnels makes sure you are up to date with real time analytics on your campaigns. Time is money and we make sure the stats are REAL TIME to ensure you are ALWAYS aware of your data when you need it the most!



Email EVERYONE In 1 Click... We wanted to make sure you are able to contact EVERYONE at ANY given time. We decided to go ahead and give you the ability to send broadcasts to all your lists, segmented lists, and ACTION oriented lists (purchases, abandonments, etc).. We even take it a step further - you can send out broadcasts to people who purchased CERTAIN products to offer extremely relevant cross-sales. This is by far one of MailFunnels BEST features that we are PROUD to give you access to!


We Seamlessly Integrate With
Your Shopify Store

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MailFunnels Hand-Holding Set Up

MailFunnels Hand-
Holding Set Up

Intensive MailFunnels Step By Step Training

Intensive MailFunnels
Step By Step Training

Delivery Is Our Top Priority

Delivery Is Our
Top Priority

Build Amazing Drag And
Drop Email Funnels

Our amazing email funnel builder will have you up and running, creating incredible emails within a matter of minutes.

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Real Time Analytics

Enjoy real time analytics of all your mailings. You’ll never have to worry about waiting hours or days to see your stats, MailFunnels will give you REAL TIME analytics of all your campaigns.

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It is time for you to get inside of MailFunnels now! Learn to build your email funnels and start cranking out sales 100% free for the next 14 days - on us!

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Q&A: Before You Get Inside

Q: Is MailFunnels Only For Shopify?+
Q: How Many Contacts Can I Have?+

A: That is very dependent on your package that you choose. Everyone can start off with 500 and scale all the way up to 5 million if you see fit! It is really up to you!

Q: Is this only for cart abandonment? +

We DO offer cart abandonment but we don’t stop there! We also allow after purchase email campaigns, when a customer refunds you can start a ‘win back’ campaign, and you can have ANYTHING happen when a customer takes a specific action on any product in your store (and yes you can even choose the product).

Q: Can I build my own emails?+

Oh yes! We have an email builder that you will LOVE to use. Easy to use beautiful interface gives you the ability to create stunning emails that your customers will LOVE to read and… they ACTUALLY get delivered and don’t end up on the spam folder.

Q: How long does it take to send the emails to my customers+

We give you the ability to choose the time frames. If you want to send it in 1 minute from when someone abandons, purchases, refunds… you can! If you want to send it 1 month later…. You can (don’t know why so long, but hey… YOU CAN!)

Q: Do you have any support?+

We offer Live Support between the hours of 9AM EST - 5PM EST Monday - Saturday. We offer live skype support during the same time. Phone support if you need to get someone on the phone we have you covered. Also, we offer email support in case you wanted to reach us on email.

Q: Can I have more than 1 store per account?+

No. Each account you create is unique to 1 store and we set it up that way for your customers sake so they don’t get emails from 500 different stores. It's a protection for you and your brands!